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Bikepacking Israel


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We tailored the Discover Israel in a way for you to be able to see the best Israel has to offer and also added 9 optional in and out routes if you want to visit more places along the way

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The No Man's land of the desert, full of sharp mountains, colorful sands and amazing single tracks or to the biggest green forest in Israel.

From mysterious freshwater springs or the snowy peak of MT. Hermon...

Whatever you want,
Israel Has It All


Discover Israel Race

The best way to see Israel

Tough, Painful, Amazing 

About this website

We built this website for you, the bikepacker, who wants to visit us and our beautiful country and because of that our bikepacking community built the best route Israel has to offer.


Along the way you'll be able to visit the historic and religious sites of Caesarea, Masada, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee and many more.

We provided you all the necessary information without burdening you with unnecessary text.

everything here is clear, arranged and informative.
Dont forget to check our Telegram community and ask us anything.
See you soon.


Discover Israel Trail

The main Israeli trail

Historic, Religious, Autentic, culture and Mesmerizing views

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