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Bikepacking Israel

Lets begin by saying that bikepacking in Israel is very safe!

Almost everyone will smile at you and help you when needed

But, there are still things that you should know...

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  • Stealing!
    Always stay near your bike! especially in Tel Aviv but also in our cities. If you need to enter a shop, try to bring your bike inside. Trust us, on this.
  • What kind of bike to bring with me?
    Always a mountain bike in israel. 2.3-2.4 tires Tubeless!
  • Training Zones
    Some of the tracks pass through military training zones and are rideable only on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). Most of these zones are in the desert, some are in the Golan Heights. Drop us a question in our Telegram community and we will help you
  • Mobile Reception
    The mobile coverage in Israel is pretty good with 3g - 4g connection covering most places, but there are still areas without it, especially in the desert and in the middle of the woods. If you need to have reception asap, try to climb to the tallest mountain and most of the time you'll get enough reception to enable you to make a phone call.
  • SOS
    If you need help, but do not require an ambulance, feel free to use our SOS telegram channel and drop us a message. This group is emergency only. Another option is to call the police *100
  • Camping
    Camping is permitted in most wooded areas, forests or grassy patches. There are several places in the middle or the north of the country where it is harder to camp for free, but usually there will be a free camping ground nearby. On the other hand, in the desert you can sleep only in permitted places. We advise you to mark the locations you are planning to camp at and ask the community.
  • Food and Drink
    In Israel, you will find supermarkets attached to almost any gas station. Some of them are small and others feel like a real supermarket. They all accept credit card or credit card and most of the time they open 7/24 Also, in almost all the villages you will find grocery stores but most of them close at noon and also all of them close from Friday noon until Sunday morning
  • Transportation
    The best way to move around is by train, but our railroads cover only the big cities and some small ones. Most of the trains have a special wagon for bicycles (look at the signs on the wagons door) and it doesn't cost extra but you can bring it with you only between 9am - 3pm, or 7pm - 6am. The better option is by bus. Each bus with storage room can carry 5 bikes and if the bus drivers try to explain that he can't take you, tell him its the law and ask his name and driver's license. This will convince him Buses are available almost any hour and day except Friday noon until Saturday evening. Check the time table because in some villages, the bus only comes a few times a day
  • Paved Roads
    You can't ride on highways but it's fine to ride on any other road but do it only if you don't have any other option and try to ride as far from the yellow line as possible. There are few roads that are closed for any car or bike, road no. 10, for example Check with our community, before starting your adventure.
  • Desert
    There are some trails marked for walking only and in most of the cases you will see a sign telling you that, especially in the desert but as far as we know, if you got the GPX from this website, it should be fine . also, in most of the trails in the desert you can't ride between sunset till sunrise
  • Animals While Camping
    No, we don't have bears in Israel. and most of the animals you'll see are small and not harmful but snakes can find a warm place under your mattress and some small predators will try to eat the food from your cases so if you got a tent, take the food inside
  • Unpaved Trails
    There are some trails marked for walking only and in most of the cases you will see a sign telling you that, especially in the desert but as far as we know, if you got the GPX from this website, it should be fine .
  • Corona Virus
    Showing a PCR negative test, you made 72 hours (or less) is mandatory. In that test, you need to have your passport number If you had that virus and healed, you need to show a positive PRC test that you took 3 months ago but not less than 8 days ago. You also need to show health insurance. All the most updated info can be found here
  • Mountain bike stores
    Because mountain biking is a popular sport in Israel, you will find a couple of stores in each city you'll visit. If you need to fix your bike, tell the owner that. Most of the time they will start working on them right away. Most of the stores open up at 9am-10am and close at 7pm. on Friday they will close at 2-3pm and they will stay close until Sunday.
  • Community
    Almost all the Bikepacking community are welcoming and will try to help as much as they can so if you need anything don't hesitate to drop us a message in our Telegram channel from tips, info, bikepacking accessories or even reaching and returning from an adventure
  • Holidays and special days
    Those are the special days in Israel: In Passover: occur in March or April. Most stores don't sell any kind of bread for 1 week. instead you can buy Matzo, a very dried thin bread, that breaks easily and something also kind of bagel made with the same flour or Matzo Yom Kippur: occurs in September or October. part of the country fasts for a full day and all the stores will close from noon until the evening the day after or even at morning two days after. prepare yourself and buy food in advance Holocaust Day: occur in April. Stores will close at Noon - Evening and open up again in the morning the day after. at the evening of that day, you will hear a siren in all of the country for 1 min Memorial Day: occurs in April or May. The same as Holocaust day but with another siren that you will hear in the morning for 2 min
  • Sleeping near the beach
    We know that it looks like the perfect place to sleep but dont recommend doing so. Especially if you are on your own. If you got doubts, consult the community. Click here to join our Telegram Community And dont forget that there are a lot of angles on the trail that can also help and host
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