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Bikepacking Israel


And here is the first tip

Even if the way up is difficult, the view will always be worth the suffering

Our backpacking community gathered many tips, most of them written from their personal experience so it is highly recommended to read before leaving

A simple route

Don't forget that the purpose of the first ride is to check whether the equipment is suitable, whether it is comfortable to sleep in the field and, in general, to enjoy the adventure experience. 

It is recommended to choose a route of between 100 and 120 km. About 60 km maximum per day.

Go out at noon, find a nice place to sleep and see if you connect with the idea

A familiar route

The advantage of a familiar route is that there are no surprises: you know where the water point is, where it is best to stop for the night, how to divide the route and you are less concerned with navigation and more with how the bike and body feel

If you still choose a new route

You should do a little more homework to understand where you can change the route, alternative public transportation for cutting, where there are gas stations to buy food and write everything down as a note on the phone

60 km a day? This?

Yes, that's it. The pace of riding in backpacking is different and even if it is possible to ride the route, with all the additional equipment, at a higher pace, in rides of more than two days it will be less possible and the load on the body and legs will increase, so you have to try and reach a pleasant balance point

Do not be ashamed to consult

The baking community is always happy to help and welcome new friends with open arms. 

Our community is in the Telegram app and clickHerePut you in our discussion group

Which route to choose?

How much equipment to take

Equipment = weight

True, you will have rides in the future where we will have to take a lot of equipment, but right now the goal is to feel what it's like to sleep outside, examine how the bags are connected and maybe carry a little more equipment than usual, so there is no point in overloading the bags. Not on this ride.

as easy as possible

Do not carry the whole house.

Take the usual riding equipment, with which you go out every day and in addition tie a yoga mat and a sleeping bag to the handlebars, just roll them together and tie well. 

Some food, shirt and pants for the evening and that's it.

Take the bag of India out of the closet?

So that's it, no. A bag on the back can contain a lot of equipment, but on the other hand, as the hours pass, it weighs on the shoulders, burdens the tusks (and from there the road is short until you rub) and in general it is better to try and attach as much as possible to the bike and as little as possible to the body

I am very cold at night

Sleeping on a cold night and on the other hand riding on a hot day, can lead to a lack of suitable equipment and therefore it is recommended to check the temperatures both at the chosen lodging point and during the ride on both days of the ride and try to take a quality sleeping bag rather than more warming layers

Water and food during the ride and in the evening

This is not the time to pack sandwiches for the week.

In total, you ride for several hours multiplied by 2.

Pack only what you need and try to place the accommodation several kilometers from a gas station, where you can buy food for the evening and don't forget beer.

The advantages of traveling by train

If the starting or ending point allows the use of the train, it is highly recommended to take advantage of it. The advantage is clear, the bike is next to you, there are toilets, power points and plenty of space to relax.

Please note that you can only board specific carriages marked with bicycles

Disadvantages of traveling by train

There are also several disadvantages, the first of which is time. You can board a train between 09:00 and 15:00 and then between 19:00 and 06:00 the next day.

Also, there are no trains on Friday and Saturday and if you get on a busy line, be prepared for a lot of hostile stares since the bikes take up space

what about a bus

A bus is significantly flexible in terms of reaching any point in the country, but it is necessary to disassemble a wheel, throw the bicycle in the trunk and hope that no luggage will be placed on it.

In addition, if you do not get on at the first stop, there is a situation that the luggage compartment is full and the bus will skip or not allow you to enter

The one that goes up or the one that goes down?

Even if you feel like getting to the starting point with fun, the opposite is true, you should make all the trips, jumps and changes at the beginning and at the end, after you are already tired, take the line that will bring you home with a minimum of complications

Don't skimp on jumping

You have to look at backpacking like a trip abroad and if in a foreign country you don't count every shekel, it is also recommended to find the most convenient ways to get there and back and plan such amounts as an option

I want to try but it's scary

The turtles invented bakepacking

This bakeking is not a competition, whoever arrived first will probably have fewer photos of the experience.

This is a trip, it is recommended to slow down, and even stop at a beautiful view point and just enjoy this moment when no one is waiting for you

It's really hard to climb, with all the equipment

The bike is heavier, it feels unusual and suddenly this climb seems like a never-ending wall, but if we remember our first times on a bike, even then there was a degree of difficulty and after the body acclimatized, everything became easier.

Oh yes, and you can always get off and walk to the side of the bike and work a little on other muscles

The secret lies in the rhythm

In bikepacking you have to feel your body, listen to your pulse and try to find that point where you pedal and feel that you can continue like this for hours. It takes time to get there but that doesn't mean you can't try

It is best to take a friend, that you will suffer together

With a friend time passes faster, loneliness fades and general morale is high. Conversations while riding turn long climbs into short ones and suddenly you can share the weight of the coffee maker

Do not be ashamed to consult

The baking community is always happy to help and welcome new friends with open arms. 

Our community is in the Telegram app and clickHerePut you in our discussion group

And if I have a hard time while riding?

Getting there and back - transportation

Of course it's scary!

And why wouldn't it actually be scary? But isn't it time to get out of the routine a little? Try something that always seems impossible to achieve? And even if you go out and connect less, at least you can feel proud of yourself for trying

Friends are meant to be used

Alone, outside, in the woods, at night... can definitely be a little scary. This is exactly the moment to grab a friend to join you for a wonderful evening by the fire, with beer in hand and nostalgic stories. We promise there is nothing better than that

So which pill did you take? blue or red?

First of all, it is permissible to curse those who take a rock, turn into a pillow, wrap themselves in leaves and fall asleep in a second. If you are one of those who find it difficult to sleep, you can always consult a doctor or take something natural, secondly, when it's hot at night, you sleep better

As simple and close as possible

Start small, a familiar route, close to home, 3-4 hours each way, even an area you've passed dozens of times and always thought it was a great spot for camping.

The initial goal is to test how the equipment feels and what it's like to sleep at night, and there's nothing like a familiar place for an initial experience

I bought all the bags. How do you pack?

It turns out that air doesn't weigh much

When you find that there is an empty space in one of the bags, there is a strong desire to fill it with more clothing, repair tools or food but in the end, you find that most of the items you take are useless.

Here experience plays an important role and the more you go on rides, the more you find out what the most accurate content is

Let's do an easy calculation

Toothpaste, sunscreen, rub cream, power bank, coins, pump and many other objects, can be taken in a much smaller and lighter configuration.

You can easily lose a kilo and a half, which makes riding easier, especially on uphills

I have 3 bags and a sea of equipment, how do I pack?

You should think of the bags as stimuli and try to arrange the equipment accordingly. One bag for equipment related to accommodation, one for handling while riding and another during stops. A sleeping bag will go in together with nightwear, creams together with sandwiches and snacks together with lipstick

Order please!

Each bag is actually a sack and what goes in first is usually the last to go out, so you should take care to arrange the equipment according to the need for it. A windbreaker will go in last, a sleeping bag will go in first and the same goes for everything related to food and other equipment.

The last thing you want is to dismantle the whole case just to get to the claim cable stuck there at the end

We have a neat page on the subject

For much more detailed information on the subject, you can go to the page "Bicycle accessoriesAnd there you can find both ideas for equipping a bicycle and excellent recommendations on the subject

Have you finished choosing a track?

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