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Bikepacking Israel


Planning a route begins long before choosing the route

Conversations with riders, going over tips, adding emergency numbers, nutrition  and of course choosing the right route and we are here to help you with everything

Have you finished choosing a route?

The tips area

The first place to enter!

Contains many small and effective tips on a variety of topics such as transportation, fears, equipment and recommendations that will make backpacking a real experience

Path angels

Need a ride to a nearby bike shop? Maybe a one-point tip regarding an open place? Or even an overnight stay?

Nutrition while riding

What food to take, when should you eat and a variety of excellent recommendations if it is food that you prepare yourself or that is difficult to buy at the gas station on the way


Tips that will make the experience safer while riding and while getting ready for lodging and most of the recommendations there come from experience so it is recommended to take a look

Phone numbers are important

The list that must be photographed! Dozens of phone numbers of rescuers by region in Israel and of RTG foresters. Of these numbers it is good to have them available and hopefully never to use them

Recommended apps

Apps you should download before going out. 

We will not use some of them, but it is good to have them available, for example, bus and train times, navigation and online and offline maps

Ideas for accessories

Dozens of pictures of bicycles with luggage that the members of the community sent us to give you ideas and of course a lot of excellent tips for properly luggage

So what can be found in this area?

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