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Bikepacking Israel


When we look from the vehicle we can tell

"Yes, we also rode there"

When did you go on a new adventure?

This routine of work, family, riding the familiar paths, waiting for a trip abroad that we will go to in just six months, and work again and the same routine again...

Then suddenly, for no reason, you take a mattress, a sleeping bag, a friend or a girlfriend  and go to clear your head in the north of the country among streams and valleys or in the stunning southern desert or even among the wild forests of the center.

Light a fire, spend a nostalgic evening over beer and fall asleep, excited, in the light of the fading fire...

You don't need more than that to feel how the world froze and only you and nature remained

This is the meaning of bakecuping

we are here

To try to help you achieve your next adventure

Did you get excited with us??

If so, then there is no better time than this to read some tips and choose a route...

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