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Bikepacking Israel

Camping in Mountains
Safety while riding
Safety for accommodation

With all the freedom, the feeling of release from rules and boundaries

You should also absorb a number of important tips that will get you home safely

But before moving on to safety tips

If you are really in need, this is how you should act: 

1. First of all dial 100

2. Then dial 101 while running the Mada app

3. If a diffuser is needed. Check in the app where one is nearby

4. An explanation of CPR can be foundin this pdf  (recommended to read before going for a ride)

* If you planned to drive in an area with limited or no reception, it is recommended to checkHereWhere there is emergency wifi on the route

To download the applications listed above, clickHere

Have you finished choosing a route?

Safety while riding

Riding outside the margins

A road will always be there, whether crossing or riding alongside cars. stick to the edge as much as possible and even go outside the fence because it will almost always appear there

Remember not to take risks when tired

True, we are tired and want to get to the point already, but it is better to slow down a bit and arrive safely than to risk it for 5 minutes 

try to stay on the line

There are places where it is not a problem to cut off the route and return to it later, but in less populated areas such as in the desert or the Golan, it is better to stay on the route because you can easily find out that the path is on a parallel hill and it is very difficult to get there (and yes, it is from experience)

stray dogs

I know several friends whose biggest fear is stray dogs and to be honest can understand them. You can take pepper spray for protection, but an equally safe way is to simply stop, walk and let the bike act as a buffer. Eventually they will surrender. And yes, you can combine shouts

Wild boars

Let's start with the understanding that pigs are more afraid of you and if while riding a pig appeared crossing the track, it is important to stop and wait half a minute and then continue slowly because usually several more wild boars will cross the track immediately After that and your mood at that moment will be running amok because "they don't see with their eyes"

Music while riding

It's fun to listen to music or an interesting podcast while riding, but it's just as important (and quite fun) to listen to what's going on around you, especially on the side of the road but also on trails, so what? turn down the volume when riding on wild trails and remove the headphones when riding on the side of the road

Need to do some shopping?

Do not leave the bike alone. Need to do some shopping? Try to see if they can be left in a safe place.

Some of the shops at the gas stations will ignore the fact that the bike is placed on top of the ice cream cooler.

Most of them will see the bike, understand and try to help, if possible

We have updated friends

Did you go on an adventure alone? Update a friend or two every day on the general route and also throw out a message when you stop for a break because it's good that someone else knows the general location, just to be safe

May these tips not deter you

All the tips are meant to help finish the experience healthy, don't let them worry you or discourage you from trying.

All in all, you go for a walk in our country when there is almost always a bus, a train or a friend who will reach wherever you find

the sixth Sense

Our senses are developed, if something feels unrelated and when we are very tired, to try and think of a way to get around this situation and yes, it is permissible to stop for a moment and examine the map on the navigation device or consult with friends

Safety for accommodation

Hang the food on a tree

Keep the food away from the sleeping area, preferably hanging it in a bag on a branch of a tree.

All kinds of animals move around at night and it is very important to keep the food away from you and the animals, also to ensure the safety of the animals

Choose a place to stay

Do not sleep next to rocks and piles of rocks because you never know what is hidden between them.

to look for flat ground to avoid an encounter with scorpions and snakes and also to clean the area well to make sure that nothing is hiding under the vegetation

stay away from people

Remember that the greatest danger to a bikepacker is people and not the surrounding animals, so it is recommended to avoid sleeping next to roads or near settlements that may be problematic and it is always better to go a little further
and find a quiet grove

Discretion and fatigue

Do not reach a state of excessive fatigue because then the fears and concerns rise and choices are made based on misjudgment.

For example, when you are tired, a forest suddenly seems daunting and unpleasant to pass through or sleep in, but becomes perfect and inviting when you come to it in a healthier physical and mental state

You stole a bike

The nightmare of most of us is to wake up in the morning and find that the bike has been stolen. That's why you should find a safe and deserted place to sleep, but in order to quiet the fear you can also turn a wheel into a pillow, tie a thin string to the wheel or put your feet on one of the wheels

Consult with locals

There are wonderful places to stay that only the locals know, it's worth preparing in advance and checking with friends from the area so you don't miss a perfect spot and even if you don't sleep there in the end, it's sure a great place to rest

Do not arrive exhausted

You are not in a race, try to reach the accommodation point not exhausted and with time to eat, drink (a lot) and look for the best accommodation point. 

Story, we arrived exhausted at the point and simply spread out our sleeping equipment and fell asleep on a nest of fire ants and only in the morning and after a terrible night did we discover that 20 meters from us there was a stunning lawn

dress accordingly 

When you finish riding, the body is still warm and as long as it is not freezing outside, the feeling of warmth can remain for a while and then you want to get into the sleeping bag with minimalist clothing and not according to the actual temperature and then the sleep will become less effective until you feel frozen in the middle of the night and need to get out and start over get dress

Toilets before bed

Not exactly safety, but go to the bathroom before going to bed because the worst thing is to wake up at 3 in the morning to pee and then get back into the sleeping bag and find that it has already cooled down and then wait fifteen minutes until the feeling of warmth returns and in the meantime surf the internet and drain the battery

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