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Bikepacking Israel

yoga mat

Cheap, reliable, folds in such a way that allows it to be attached to the handlebar, next to the front bag. You can also stand on it while changing clothes or unfold it at lunchtime and place it under a tree. Reasonably insulated, depending on the thickness when ideal is 1 cm

Air-entrained mattress

All the advantages of an inflatable mattress together with a spongy middle layer, which makes the mattress super comfortable. rolling into a kind of asymmetrical circle. A notable advantage is that if there is a hole, you can continue to enjoy it, but the weight is about 800 grams

A mattress of eggs

Very similar to the yoga mat, folds in a square accordion shape, excellent insulation, weighs a little more than a thin yoga mat but better insulated and highly durable but less than a yoga mat. cheap!

Inflatable mattress

sea of advantages. Folds to the size of a fist or a little more, most of them are not very expensive, light, well insulated but with one notable disadvantage: a hole and gone the night or the whole ride. Most experienced riders choose an inflatable

Recommended companies

Life is like a box of mattresses

A mattress, that thing that keeps you as far away from the coolness of the ground as possible, allows sleep to be comfortable and makes the small stones imperceptible. And these are the tips we have for you

  • The average weight of a mattress is between 300 grams for inflatable mattresses and up to 800 grams for those that include sponge and air together

  • In the end, a mattress should be comfortable for sleeping and if this task is not performed properly, you should check another mattress

  • It is advisable to add a thin layer like hard nylon under the mattress to avoid puncturing air mattresses or small spikes getting stuck in the sponge mattresses

  • Before taking the mattress, it is recommended to spread it at home or on the balcony and take a short afternoon nap on it so as not to be surprised during the journey

And these are the options available today

Have you finished choosing equipment?

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