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Bikepacking Israel


The ideal, with the dozens of models, sizes and weights, it's only worth checking the issue of the opening and poles and of course the folding and storage. Prices start in the hundreds of shekels and end in the thousands

Shelter only

Like a roof without walls. Tie to trees or attach to bicycles and you get some kind of protection from rain, bat poop and branches that break at night and even wind, if you attach correctly and of course that provides a certain type of psychological protection for minimal weight


Like a tent only smaller, more compact, weighs less and does not require elements such as poles to stabilize it since it can be tied to a bicycle and that's it. No maneuvering space but excellent insulation. start and sleep


Is it true that you would switch now with Ola? Because a hammock is total freedom, it's the light rocking that puts you to sleep in an instant, and you don't need a mattress to isolate it from the ground, but you need a forest and trees at the right distance. Too many demands

Companies that manufacture shelter

Is this the real life? my tent is fantasy?

There are many reasons why you should carry a shelter, despite the extra weight and even   since it is a kind of bonus and many riders only take a sleeping bag and a mattress, this is an item with many benefits

  • A tent insulates you from any weather changes that occur outside

  • Afraid of reptiles walking or crawling at night? A tent is the perfect solution

  • The weight of the tent starts at hundreds of grams and reaches up to a kilo and a half, which is an extra that is not always necessary for carrying

  • A tent requires assembly and when you are very tired, this is the last thing you want to do

  • Most tents are bulky and it is difficult to find the right space for them in the bag

  • It is recommended to find a picture of the tent folded and plan in advance where it will be pushed

  • You don't need all the accessories that come with the tent. Can be left at home top cover on a warm evening or pegs in a wooded spot

And now we will try to explain the different types of shelter

Have you finished choosing equipment?

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