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P2P Special


Take the long tour through the ancient land of Israel, home to one of the earliest cultures of mankind, and the bedrock of the holy bible. This is where it all started.
From the No Man's land of the desert, full of sharp mountains, colorful sand and amazing single tracks to the biggest green forest in Israel.
We are going to take you on an adventure from South to North, from East to West. only you, your bike and maybe a friend or two.
Cross rivers, swim in lakes, rest for an hour under an old tree, feel the energy coming back...
Climb some of the tallest mountains Israel has to offer but from there give your eyes magnificent panoramic views of the Golan, Desert, Galil, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.
This journey is not about getting first to the finish line but to enjoy the moment of breathing freedom.


Your journey starts now!

Ramonj: Khan Barot - circular

A two-day event where you go out to discover the less ridden areas of the crater.

The route begins with a long climbing trend, but from the moment you reach the top, the route changes direction until the end becomes a tremendous experience

p2peaks: Acre - Beit Shean

This is the ultimate route for climbing and challenge patients. A 3-day route that contains 4 different peaks to conquer, but on the last day you get a cherry in the formation of streams and springs in the valley.

An important advantage is that you can skip any of the picks, if you don't feel like it

Wild Wild east: Arad - circular

A unique 3-day desert experience that starts with a slow and special descent section, goes through a mesmerizing desert route and ends on the last day with the tough climbs from Dimona to Arad but the breathtaking scenery of the route and the Zola points make it a perfect experience

Galileo: Short - circular

from the tough but special routes that were created and contains long moments of climbing to the scenery of the Galilee but in return also springs and flowing streams that you can enter, small and unique restaurants and 3 wonderful days that give you all the best that the Galilee has to offer

east to west: Afula - Nahariya

4 days full of the best that the Jezreel Valley, the Golan and the Galilee have to offer.

The view is maddening, the water points no less, but in order not to mistake that this is a summer camp, there are enough climbing sections to shake between depression and mania

Middle Earth: Nahariya - Tel Aviv

From the tough first day to the long flat flight to Tel Aviv, you also pass through the Kinneret, and yes, these three days of riding will require you to discover, but you can cross half a country and experience a different riding style each day

Fukin Mania: Routes - K. Bialik

There is nothing tougher than this masochistic challenge that combines two styles: backpacking and singles for a long journey that includes hundreds of kilometers of singles along almost half the country across 4 dizzying and rewarding days 

P2P East to West 2023
P2P East to West 2023
Oct 18, 2024, 10:00 AM

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Take the long tour through the ancient land of Israel, home to one of the earliest cultures of mankind, and the bedrock of the holy bible. This is where it all started.

7 specials have been opened so far

It's as special as it sounds

The P2P SPECIAL challenges were specially designed to allow the backpackers to enjoy all the worlds:

  • A unique route specially tailored for these events

  • Views and points of interest that you don't get to every day

  • Long but extremely rewarding climbing sections

  • Food and water points located in small towns to support the local community

  • Crazy cheap spots for a joint meeting in the evening over beer, bonfire and stories

  • Eliminating competitiveness by having everyone meet at the same lodging point every night

The special events have gained a huge community of fans by virtue of being non-binding events where the track is just an offer and anyone is allowed to play with the track as long as they reach the cheapest point at night.

Every year, about 3-4 different special events are opened, with the goal being to diversify and not repeat the same route every year

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