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Longest Day


Take the long tour through the ancient land of Israel, home to one of the earliest cultures of mankind, and the bedrock of the holy bible. This is where it all started.
From the No Man's land of the desert, full of sharp mountains, colorful sand and amazing single tracks to the biggest green forest in Israel.
We are going to take you on an adventure from South to North, from East to West. only you, your bike and maybe a friend or two.
Cross rivers, swim in lakes, rest for an hour under an old tree, feel the energy coming back...
Climb some of the tallest mountains Israel has to offer but from there give your eyes magnificent panoramic views of the Golan, Desert, Galil, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.
This journey is not about getting first to the finish line but to enjoy the moment of breathing freedom.


Your journey starts now!

Ein Hamfaretz - a circular stream

A dream route with an "easy" level of difficulty which starts from the Ein Hafaretz trail through Single Ahihud, Nahal Gaaton and the next day a maddening surf in Nahal Kziv and through Nahariya promenades and Acre to the starting point

Afula - Degania Kegli

difficulty level "medium"

What more can you ask for from a summer track? Sunset in front of Mount Tabor, the views of the Sea of Galilee and a night swim in the southern part of the Jordan and the next day a climb next to streams and a spring back to Afula

Afula - Beit Shan - not circular

Dumping cars in Beit Shan and taking a train from there to Afula and then the fun begins which includes climbing the Gilboa and a spectacular view before sunset and ending the day next to a kind of perfect and the next day an easy route along streams and springs back to the cars

Nahariya - Biriya - as a circular ziv

Difficulty level "very difficult"

Why is it difficult? Because climbing 1700m on 68km is not easy, but you will be surprised, it is completely possible! And what do you get? Sambusk Khorfish, you felt proud and of course you are Nakhli Kasziv at the end

P2P East to West 2023
P2P East to West 2023
Oct 18, 2024, 10:00 AM

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Take the long tour through the ancient land of Israel, home to one of the earliest cultures of mankind, and the bedrock of the holy bible. This is where it all started.

4 routes have been opened so far

So what is the story of the Longest?

You know when summer comes, temperatures rise quickly in the mornings and most rides become short? So we found a solution for bikepacking, short, focused, perfect for riders who want to enter the field and also for veterans who want to go out for a breath of freedom.

And here is the idea:

We set off around 4 in the afternoon, each one whenever he wants, according to the pace on a predetermined route and everyone meets at a stunning cheap spot around 9:00 PM for a night of campfire, beers and full of stories and the next day everyone leaves whenever they feel like continuing the route when they will almost always be on that day Stunning water points to enter and estimated finish around 10-11 back to the starting point.

The riding is relaxed, non-competitive, purely social and is perfect for those who are afraid since there are many riders around who will be happy to advise and help.

Every month longest day in a different location - because it's the perfect way to spend the summer

Curious? Want to hear more?

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