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Bikepacking Israel

Birthday Presents

Benefits and discounts for site surfers

Trek Israel website

20% discount for purchases through the site.

clickHere and at the end type the following code: BPP2P2022

easy back

We were able to arrange a special discount through Kal Gav.

20% discount on all camping equipment on the pagethis
Enter code:   4BKPK20

Equipment loan

In every Trek Israel store there will be a front bag, a back bag and a flashlight waiting for you to borrow for free! Don't forget to call first.

come inherefor further details

Trek Israel stores

20% discount on all backpacking equipment through chain branches

 Go down to the "group name" line and choose p2p and after entering your details, go to the branch

Navigation devices and route planning

special operationsFor site surfers on the tWonav navigation devices known for their uncompromising quality, the large screen and the Bilant map that exists only on these devices and in addition on the quality planning application land

 A stunning statue of the challenge you rode

A guy named Golan takes tracks and creates a stunning sculpture from them that includes the track, the route and everything around it, including a caption and we get a 20% discount on every order! Just call and say you came through us 052-6878901

Full repair kit!

The Joes company gave us a great kit that includes a 29 inner with material, 60ml oil,   30ml oil (to take with us), a pair of French valves, core + core key, sealing material 60ml and set Worms for only NIS 160!for purchase

satellite device

Do you want to take a satellite device with you that will allow relatives and friends to constantly monitor your whereabouts? 

small worldA 10% discount is given for borrowing such a device by entering the coupon code:

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