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Bikepacking Israel


I think we have talked about them enough. You can purchase them at a discount through the linkthisAnd it is highly recommended to attach the Bilnet map, which makes this device a game-changer compared to the other devices on the market


In recent years, it has entered the field of measuring devices, with the Elemnt model aimed at the navigator audience. ClickHereAnd you can test the device


A particularly high-quality company, specializing in reliable and easy-to-use navigation devices.

If you are looking to run on a line, this is the device for you. clickHere


Cheap and reliable devices that can be purchased through Trek stores or through the website. The recommended model is mega xl

ClickHereAnd take a look

Recommended companies


Navigation devices, yes, the ones that will ultimately allow you to drive safely on the route you have chosen

And yes, it is also possible with a mobile device, but there is nothing like a reliable navigation device that will make the experience pleasant and safe

  • There is a huge variety of devices but in the end they all have the same goal and that is to show you the route clearly, prevent navigation errors and also record the ride (because you have to upload it to Strava)


  • You don't have to buy the most expensive, but if you're looking for the cheapest, stick with the cell phone because it will probably do an equally good job


  • Do not look for a device with a small screen since it will require a stop every time you want to identify the rest of the route and in case you make a mistake on the way or want to examine alternatives, it is difficult to work on it

  • The battery of an ideal device should last for at least 20 hours, don't settle for less

  • Look for a device that shows you a real trail-net style map because that's the only way you'll really know what's going on around you in terms of trails and also because it's fun to know where antiquities are hidden and what the name of the stream next to you is

Have you finished choosing equipment?

Of course we will now present to you all the available navigation devices for purchase, but this time we will deviate from our practice and recommend a navigation device that we think is the best and you must have understood from the picture above which company we are talking about. twonav. and now we will explain why

  • True, it is not the cheapest, but only on it can you find a real trail map that will give you all the information and the difference is actually between running on a line without knowing what is happening around you and really traveling and discovering

  • It is very convenient to operate and easily synchronizes with the cell phone

  • It is able to display routes of over 10,000 points. For example, very precise routes in terms of navigation

  • It comes with the route building application, which we think is the best in the world, LAND, on which you put the trail-net map and actually build routes easily and also know the quality of the trail

  • There are many models and even versions that allow the connection of normal batteries that can be purchased at any store


More functions as a cycling computer but also allows navigation and does it in a not bad way at all.HereYou can view the models

Karoo 2

Hummerhead navigation device with a very clear screen and advanced navigation capabilities

to view the device

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