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Bikepacking Israel

Others live to eat
We ride to eat

There is nothing to do but food and water are our engine, which will help us end the day with a smile and start a new day with energy

We are not nutritionists, but nevertheless we have collected everything we know, from experience alone

Have you finished choosing a route?

  • In biking you have to eat food that breaks down slowly, unlike competitive riding because the pace is different and the heart rate is constant and not high

  • It is recommended to put something in the mouth every 40 minutes  up to an hour and stop to eat every 3 hours

  • When you go out for a normal ride and miss the food, you come back exhausted and continue as usual but in backpacking you must not fall in these places

  • It is important to check the "Tidlock" points before leaving for the challenge and always leave an extra in your bag, just in case

  • Do not rely on water points that are not certain to be active

  • Enjoy delicious food. It's hard anyway, so at least the food will be compensation

  • Do not carry too much. Two sandwiches that won't disappear in the stomach are worth half a kilo. Try to find the balance in quantities

So what are the nutritional options around us:

hot food

why yes? Cheap, feels real baking, available at any time and you don't have to stock up every day

Why not? Weight The cooking utensils, dry food, water and other related equipment and when you are hungry, preparation time and fatigue are a factor. want to eat and sleep

gas stations

why yes? Found almost everywhere, open all night and containing a wide variety of reasonable options from sandwiches to vegetables, fruits and coffee

Why not? Expensive, not just a sandwich that lasts months on a shelf, requires advance planning

Restaurants / cafes

why yes? Because there is nothing like going to a good restaurant after an exhausting day of riding or in the middle of the ride and simply going wild over delicious food

Why not? very expensive! Low availability, you need to plan stops in advance and take care of a storage place for bicycles and also a shock-resistant doggy bag

cold food

why yes? Take out of the bag and eat, you can buy food on the way and eat during the ride

Why not? spoils faster, you have to think ahead and store food accordingly, problematic storage in bags 

hot food

Want to riot?

Try flakes with peanut spread, pieces of sausage or cheese together with soup powder and after two plates of these you will sleep like babies until morning

Recommended food

Rice is a convenient solution and if you pour in a can of carrots and peas, you get a nutritious and tasty dish, but oatmeal will also look great with some extras like nuts, almonds and cranberries

Heating method: bonfire

There are several ways to use a bonfire. Or using a metal device that you buy at any travel store, below there is room for the branches and above there is room for the pot. The second option is a real bonfire.

Both options require non-wet wood, a suitable location for lighting a fire and the waiting time until heating is longer

Heating method: Gaziya / Gasoline

the accepted method. A gas cylinder, a detachable head, usually of a minimalistic size, matches or a cigarette lighter and you are set for a massive heatstroke with minimal operation. You just have to make sure you take an extra gas cylinder, depending on the number of days and also a wind shield, depending on the weather

dried food

Today, you can find many stores that offer high-quality dried food with great nutritional value to which hot water is added and you get a rich and tasty dish. Think of a hot dish but on several levels, this can be an excellent solution


Try to arrange the meals and ingredients in the bag according to the order of preparation and in boxes or bags with clear labeling. This way the method of preparation will be shortened and a mess will not be created in the bag. Take extra bags and clips with you


Don't forget to pack in small bags various spices that will turn a tasteless meal into a dream, salt, pepper, sugar is a must but why not paprika too?

You can also find ready mixes for rice in any spice store.

You don't need too much, 50 grams will be enough and you can buy more in any city or settlement

cold food


The disadvantage as well as the advantage is that, most of the time, the cold food comes packaged in a way that is very difficult to open, for example a pastrami sausage, but very difficult to close after opening. It is recommended to buy the food in measured portions and not a 400 gram box. This way the food will be preserved for a longer time


And another tip from Merdlich: Kabanos. There's no way you'll touch it at home, but at bakepacking it becomes a treasure! It is loaded with salts, you can combine it with lunch or dinner and even brush your teeth with it and save on the brush

Tin can

It's hard to believe, but a utility box does not contain a preservative, the nutritional value is high and in most cans the entire contents are used. For example: beans in tomato sauce 

Tip from Menoch Redlich: Pickle (or salty) cucumber: a perfect solution for pushing salt into the body, liquids and food (yes, drink the juice)

So what is cold food?

It can be food that has been sitting in the refrigerator of a supermarket or at home such as sausage, cheese, a good sandwich that you made at home, nuts and basically any food that can be eaten and does not need to be heated.

Calorie-laden protein drinks are also considered cold food

validity and freshness

As soon as the food leaves the refrigerator, it starts to spoil, so it is important to check the weather that day, what to take for the first day and what for the second and try to find the food that will last longer. A can of tuna together with a bun and a cucumber is perfect. Sausage and a box of hummus less

Cold food is a celebration

Imagine fresh cherry tomatoes, quality sausage, maybe quality cheese, all folded in a bright parchment paper and on the side a fresh bun or baguette, maybe some crackling mozzarella and some salty olives. A real Italian meal in the great outdoors.

In short, cold food is not just tuna

Fruits and Vegetables

Fortunately, we are in a country with many agricultural settlements and in almost every settlement you can find a farm that sells fruits and vegetables.

Although this solution cannot be planned in advance, it is recommended to pay attention to the signs and enter, if only to eat some juicy orange that has just been picked and continue the journey


Everything is told

Do you take with you half a liter of juice that you got from the gas station when you bought a sandwich? Did you add 2 more 350 ml bottles of protein drink, for the morning? Did you drink upside down coffee in a mobile cafe? Everything is considered liquids, so it is allowed to consider everything when looking at the total amount of liquids you have

Hi, it's a water tap

Have you seen a water faucet? Fill up the schlocker, even if you only drank half the amount. It is impossible to know whether the next faucet is working and will also allow you to move forward without stopping, if you so desire

How much water do I have left?

An excellent recommendation is to divide the amount of water into 2, half in the backpack and another half in one of the bike bags and drink as much as possible knowing that even if the locker runs out, there is another locker available.

Even if you take 2 liters, divide in half

Not just water

You won't believe it, but this juice in the refrigerator at the gas station, the transparent liter and a half flavored with grapes or oranges is a perfect solution for pushing fluid while resting. You get a lot of liquid and an amount of 500 calories that are absorbed much faster than a sandwich and allow for a quick recovery



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