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mummy sleeping bag

Usually warmer than a normal sleeping bag, which is a plus, but if the night is warm, the plus turns into a minus. Seals the head completely.

Should also be lighter than a normal sleeping bag but tighter inside. Less recommended for first rides

Synthetic sleeping bag

Cheap, less easy but ideal for rides of two or three days in pleasant weather. Easy to clean and overall a great sleeping bag for those who don't want to spend large sums

Down sleeping bag

Synthetic sleeping bags are lighter, warmer, and if you take care of them properly, you will bequeath them to your grandchildren. Also, you are pushed to a very small size in the bag and if you are looking to lose weight, this is one of the best ways


For those looking for something between a sleeping bag and a duvet, this is the solution. It is usually easier than usual because less material is required, there is no research and usually a quality quilt costs less than a quality sleeping bag

Companies that manufacture sleeping bags


California dreamin, in such a sleeping bag...


  • Down: warmer, lighter and always more expensive


  • For most seasons, no down is needed

  • Invest in a really high-quality sleeping bag only when you need it

  • Maximum weight for a sleeping bag - 1.2 kilo

  • Each sleeping bag has 3 temperature modes. Ignore the comfort mode and search according to the limit (middle temperature) and use it as a starting point

  • Tip: Did you buy a sleeping bag? Open it and it will stay that way until you use it

And now let's examine the sleeping bag styles

Sleeping bags are divided into so many categories and styles that it is often difficult to choose the right one  so let's try to help a little

Have you finished choosing equipment?

  1. Fill half a bathtub with lukewarm water

  2. Add washing liquid (about a capful of washing liquid)

  3. Soak the sleeping bag for about half an hour and make sure that the bag sinks well in the water and does not float on top of it

  4. After washing with water, squeeze the bag out of the water (as much as possible without destroying the feathers, i.e. do not squeeze with great force)

  5. Then put the sack in the dryer with two balls like in the picture (hedgehogs in English) or tennis balls, if you don't have something like the hedgehogs

  • The role of the balls is to help separate the feathers from each other

  1. ​After complete drying, the feathers should not be stuck together

  • When this happens, the process is over and preparations for the next journey begin.....

Explanation of cleaning a down sleeping bag - solely the responsibility of the user

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