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Bikepacking Israel

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Let's talk about Packs baby...

The bags affect the stability of the bike and stick it to the ground, they help take a load off the back and most importantly, everyone who meets you will know that you are now on a journey and not just walking around the block.

So we will give them the respect and expand on them a bit

triple bag

The warehouse of the rider who goes on long rides. Has a huge capacity and into it you can "pour" equipment that is usually not needed while riding. Cables, charger, creams, food and more

Handlebar bag

This is the first and most important bag thanks to its flexibility of use.

You can store sleeping equipment and clothing in it, it is long and you can also tie a tent or mattress to it

saddle bag

These bags sit under the saddle and come in a variety of sizes and configurations. This bag has huge advantages from balancing the weight of the bike to reducing the weight of the backpack


A pouch can be found on the sides of the handlebars or in the center (with a different design) and usually contains everything you need during riding: snacks, lip cream, phone and even a water bottle

Recommended bags by pricing

Low Budget - Aliexpress


B-SOUL Bicycle Handlebar Bags Bike Basket for Bicycle Front Tube Packing Cycling Frame Panniers Bag Sacks Waterproof Accessories


ROCKBROS Bike Bag Waterproof Reflective 10L Large Capacity Saddle Bag Cycling Foldable Tail Rear Bag MTB Road Trunk Bicycle Bag


Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Stem Bag Water Bottle Bicycle Bag Snack Storage Bikepacking Touring Commuting Insulated Kettle Pouch


ROCKBROS Bike Bicycle Bag Rainproof Large Capacity MTB Road Frame Bag Triangle Pouch Waterproof Caulking Bag Pannier Accessories

Unlimited Budget - Reveal


The Pronghorn is a race-focused, lightweight handlebar system for the minimalist bikepacker


The Spinlock integrates user-tested and approved features like a one-way air purge valve, rear light slots, loop and bungee deck


As the name suggests, the Mountain Feedbag is an on-the-go aid station for endurance riding. It offers ample food storage


With geometry optimized for frames with tall top tubes & head tubes, the Ripio fits a vast range of bikes

Medium Budget - Lezyne


These mountain bike handlebar bags hit the sweet spot between low weight, durability, and waterproofing. 


The saddlebag is highly resistant to abrasions and tears. The seams have been welded together, creating a waterproof seal


Attached firmly with a versatile three-point system, the stem bag easily fits on either side of the cockpit 


Ample space for bulky items — anything from cooking gear and tent poles to heavy tools

Have you finished choosing equipment?

Side bags on rear rack

One of the bags preferred by the touring riders, but in Israel, the tracks are crowded, include many singles and dense vegetation, and therefore these bags are less suitable for use

Bag on back porter

A significant advantage is that items are not compressed but placed, also, the contents are usually larger but at the expense of the weight of the luggage and the bag and cannot be attached to every bike and of course the price is more expensive

Other companies that produce backpacking bags
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