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Bikepacking Israel

Ideas for bike accessories

And we swear we wanted to give a different title, a little more provocative...

The front bag is the perfect place  for all accommodation equipment and clothing and it is usually recommended to go for  the 15 liter models but competitive riders or minimalists will go for models with a lower capacity.

It is recommended to arrange the contents of the front bag according to the use of the equipment.

For example, a sleeping bag will go in first (and also leave last), clothing for the riding course will come in last and probably also leave first

The item that will take up most of the space is the sleeping bag. A synthetic sleeping bag will take up much more space than a quality sleeping bag with down, therefore the existing equipment at home must also be taken into account, before making a purchase of backpacking bags

The back bag has many advantages and disadvantages. Its capacity can reach up to 20 liters, which will create a long tail for the bike, it will be necessary to fix it so that it does not swing and sometimes also collapse on the rear wheel, if there are heavy items inside

The back bag is perfect for storing food or an extra water locker.

We will push the heavy items to the end and the lightest at the beginning and if the bike has a rear shock, jump on the saddle and check that the bag does not touch the rear wheel or even close to it

A chassis bag comes in different shapes, from one that fills the entire triangle to one in a rectangular configuration, but its maximum capacity will be around 14 liters.

If you go riding for two or three days, there is really no need for this bag, unless the sleeping bag is large and takes up most of the front bag

So what will we put in the chassis bag? Repair equipment, equipment you don't need while riding and basically all the crap you don't know where to put and most of which you don't really need.  

You can call this bag, the bag of fears and the more you ride, the more you find that the bag is getting emptier

So how many liters do you really need in bags? The maximum will be 50 liters, but for most rides, 35 is enough, and for a two-day or even three-day ride, 25-30 liters is enough

This is a lot of playing and equipment management, but in the end, the more experience you gain, the more you understand what you really need to take

You can always load more with bags next to the handlebars, a bag on the top tube and thus even reach over 40 additional liters, which will make the bike very, very heavy, so at some point you should start upgrading equipment to reduce weight and volume

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