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Tips for taking photos with a cell phone while riding

We have collected great tips for you regarding taking photos and videos while riding

  Because there is nothing like going back and remembering an experience after two years and suddenly experiencing everything again

Connecting a phone to the bicycle handlebar

There are accessories that allow you to connect the phone and fix it so that it does not fall while riding, thus bringing an additional photography experience during a challenging descent, but it is important to make sure that the image does not shake too much, and therefore it is worth doing experiments before going backpacking

Instead of leaning on stones

It's true, you can always take a selfie, but if you want to convey the experience properly, a small, minimalistic tripod that's easy to connect your phone to and place wherever you want will do the job. About finding a stable place.

Photo accessories

taking pictures

Zoom in to take a close-up photo

In most cell phones, there is no lens that takes a close-up picture and the zoom that is performed on the screen is digital, which means that the image quality decreases. Don't forget, getting closer to the object can always be done after the photo, but moving away from the object is not possible

Photo settings on a cell phone

It is highly recommended to go into the photo settings before riding and make sure that they are set to maximum resolution, and if it is an advanced cell phone, then play with additional settings such as  image dimensions (4:3 / 16/9, etc.) and you should make several photo attempts at home and watch on a computer or television to understand if the format is suitable

What is the purpose of the image?

Want to upload the photos to Instagram only? A portrait shot is requested but if you want to take a photo to add to a movie or upload to Facebook then a landscape shot is requested and in any case, it is always recommended to take a landscape shot because the picture comes out better and gives much more information about the space behind

Take pictures from different angles

Shooting from different angles will give you a different perspective on the photographed environment. An image from the bottom will add depth and an image from the bottom upwards will give a particularly powerful experience, A slightly diagonal image will create flow and regardless, it's fun to play and try so why not? 

Pictures at night

Do you have a quality flashlight attached to the bike? It's worth using it during night photography and it will actually replace the phone's flash, the picture will always come out better

Sunset photo or towards the sun

Photos in front of the sun can actually be very interesting, as long as the sun is not particularly strong and sunset photos are always exciting, but if there is a person in the photo, it is better to photograph them with their backs to the camera because the face is hardly visible anyway

when to start shooting

If the plan is to make a film, you should start right from the beginning, from the preparations, from the ride, from the morning before the start of the ride and at the end find a section of scenery and take a long shot on which you can paste subtitles at the end. Not everything will fit in but the more material there is to play with, the better the film will turn out

Who is the film for?

Before you start editing, you need to decide if it is intended for me? If for you, in order to have a long and real memory or for friends and family, then you should make a long film, but it should be focused, but if to upload to Facebook, for example, then it must be super focused, no more than 6 minutes and with a minimum of moments when the audience loses patience

Photography is not everything

Of course, it's fun to go back to movies and photos from the rides, but we don't go out to take pictures, so you don't have to stop every five minutes and take pictures, but find when is the right moment to do so. During a rest break, at a point with a unique view or in an interesting encounter that will never come back

Backing up photos and videos

Before you go out, you should run the photo backup application and also pay for the service, if necessary and don't forget to switch to automatic backup mode because there is nothing crueler than losing everything that was taken

Video shooting

Tips before you start shooting

Photography while riding

Safety above all! Taking pictures with one hand while riding is an acquired skill, and if you want to experiment with this, start on safe ground and slowly, and in any case do not try on rocky or rutted ground

What should I photograph?

It is very useful to diversify between moments of speaking and conveying an experience with landscapes and photography and to take as many photos as possible so that there is enough shooting time to play with during editing

Video recording settings

As we wrote above, regarding photo settings, it is also necessary to make sure that the video settings are also adjusted for photography while riding. 

Don't forget to shoot in 4k, if there is such an option or activate the "image stabilization" mode so that the image doesn't come out shaky. Also here, take a sample shot and watch it on a TV screen

Taking a picture during a break

Don't be ashamed to take pictures of yourself eating or show the food for a moment, it breaks up the riding sections perfectly and is also very intriguing to see what other riders eat while backpacking

editing the film

Before distributing the film to everyone

It is highly recommended to sit a friend, relative and let him watch the movie and look at the reactions, when he starts to get bored, when he smiles and also to investigate whether the movie was interesting and which part should be shortened and not be afraid to cut and cut, if you want to distribute to all friends in the media

Recommended editing app for pc

There are many apps, but the basic rule, when you choose one, the basic editing tools will allow you to: view all the photos and videos in a gallery format, which can be cut and pasted easily and  to add music and that the music will not be cut, when you cut parts of the movie_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and another mandatory button is mute background noise to leave only the music from the movie

A movie is supposed to tell a story

It's true, you can take sections and put them together, but if you're already investing, we recommend thinking about an orderly structure, so that it's clear when a riding day starts and when it ends, that there are short sections of speech that break up sections of scenery and vice versa, and most importantly, don't forget to take pictures of difficult moments, in which I really don't want to start taking pictures. Bicycle breakdowns, moments of physical or mental difficulty.

Copyright on music in the film

In most cases, Facebook allows you to upload movies with music, but there are various artists who do not allow this, then Facebook deletes the music section and the movie that is uploaded gets empty minutes of sound. in Israel and only then to join the film

Have you finished choosing a route?

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