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Bikepacking Israel

Come on, baby, flashlight my fire...

You are driving down the road, suddenly you see two headlights

Pence, the biker's best friend. Suddenly there is no pressure to get to the accommodation point and between us, it is the most fun to drive at night, when everything around falls asleep and only the beam of light flickering on the hills tells a different story. There is a huge variety of flashlights and we are here to help 

head lamp

There are riders who don't go out without it, others give up, but it allows the opening of a "dead" area on the sides of the track, conduct during the stay and a spare light, if necessary

Main handlebar light

The most important flashlight! Illuminates the night for a huge distance and enables safe riding.

High-quality flashlights also allow better battery management but cost up to NIS 2000


Most flashlights today have a built-in battery and therefore you need to make sure that there is enough lighting time depending on the riding. You can find flashlights with an external battery, but a special charger is needed if you are going for several days of riding

Rear flasher

A flashlight is just as important and the one that can get you home in one piece. Almost every ride goes through roads and especially if you stop at a gas station, just before arriving at the overnight stop

Have you finished choosing equipment?

  • In headlights, the intensity of the lighting is determined by lumens

  • If you don't have the strength to enter all these numbers, count the number of bulbs in each flashlight

  • A flashlight with 3 bulbs or more should be enough as a headlight sitting on the handlebars

  • Take a flashlight like this, wait for the night, look for a very dark place and turn it on. If it shines for 100-150 meters - mount it on the handlebars

  • It is recommended to purchase a flashlight with a screen that updates the battery time

  • Don't settle for cheap flashlights, it's better to borrow from a friend than to throw money at an extremely cheap flashlight

And now we will detail each component separately

Even if you don't plan to drive in the dark, you should put your desires aside and be prepared for any situation and especially for sufficient lighting of about 3-4 hours in the evening

So what should you know before choosing a flashlight?

Companies that manufacture bakecuping lanterns

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