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Bikepacking Israel

Epic Pirate Israel

2022 edition

Longest Day - Special C
Longest Day - Special C
Jun 27, 2024, 3:00 PM
Ein HaMifratz

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P2P Discover Israel


Take the long tour through the ancient land of Israel, home to one of the earliest cultures of mankind, and the bedrock of the holy bible. This is where it all started.

So, how does it work?

*Solo or couples

*Analog mountain bikes, those who electrify must register on Strava as electrified (gentleman spirit)

*Recording a ride on Strava

*At the end of the challenge, a link to the GOOGLESHEETS document is shared

*Everyone will be able to see everyone's results (someone will check Strava)

*Perhaps after the challenge there will be a meeting of the riders to share the experience, perhaps to receive a golden poly or any other color as a sign of some kind


Whether you are amateurs, professionals, competitive in nature, want to challenge yourself, prepare your mind and body for other rides, are challenged by times and weekends for any reason, prefer to invest your salary and not on production; A boat, a new bicycle, a macrame class or a seahorse riding class, this challenge is for you.

Afik Pirate Israel

Challenge three stages in a sporty and gentlemanly spirit


Three tracks, which must be covered in three consecutive days. on days and hours that suit you between the dates 19-29/10/22


☆You are your own organizers

☆You are responsible for yourself

☆Maybe you will be alone on the track, maybe you will meet fate partners

☆There are no regulated feeding points, just a view

☆Water and food points (taps/gas stations) will be marked along the route

☆No markup, just a file sewn from existing paths

☆There is no support of any kind, if something happens you are responsible for yourself as in any personal ride

Hall of Fame

Guy Dvir


Slow Silver






Slow Silver  Hall of Fame

Guy Dvir


Silver  Hall of Fame

Gal Ohioan


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