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Bikepacking Israel





Transportation to Eilat and from Naharia

Transportation to Eilat

Well, you wont believe it but the bus is your best option.

You will find buses leaving Tel Aviv or any other big city and in few hours you are there.

dont forget to order a ticket upfront

Bus or Train?

Definitely a train and dont worry, its easy to find the right line but just make sure you are using it between the correct hours. for more info click here

Transportation To / From Naharia

From Tel Aviv there is a direct line to or from Naharia and for 20$-30$ a ticket you will be able to relax, amaze from the long Israeli coast while your bike is next to you

A flight to eilat?

yes! you can also do that but you are still fresh so few hours by bus is much cheaper

We tailored the route from Eilat to Rosh Ha'nikra not only because we thought that the route is better that way but also because we knew that sometimes its not that easy reaching to Eilat by Bus but when you'r still fresh, its an easy job but after passing the finish line in Rosh Ha'nikra and riding the Epilogue to Naharia (less than 10km) you just want to grab a train, relax on the comfortable chair and sleep from 2 hours, when your bike next to you 




Highest Point


Lowest Point






km long


Meter Climb


Food and Water

GPX Center - North

GPX South - Center

Weather Forcast Naharia

Weather Forcast Eilat

All you need to know about the trail

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