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Bikepacking Israel

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Uncover the incredible beauty of Israel on two wheels with the Discover Israel Race!

This incredible biking experience lets you explore Israel's diverse landscapes and terrain while taking in breathtaking views.


From the thrilling No Man's Land of the desert to the lush green forests in the north, this one-of-a-kind race has something for everyone.


Whether you choose to do the half race or full, alone or pairs, this is sure to be an adventure you won't soon forget.

Sign up today and start your journey!


You'r journey starts now!

Self supported Only!

Race fair and even; no trail angels; no "invisible friends"


Rent or bring along your own tracking device in order to stay visible throughout the race

Follow the route!

No shortcuts or route adjustments allowed!

12 days max

12 Days Maximum – can you finish it in 12 days or less? If yes sign up today!

Rules for pair

A pair that start together are required to finish together. If one of the pair decides to leave the race then the remaining rider will be considered to have completed the race but not as a competitor.

participants who become adventurers

Participants who follow the rules of the compatition except for the time limit will be considered adventure finishers. 

Those who finish within the time limit and follow all the rules will be considered race finishers.

Shabbat keepers

If you keep the Shabbat, you can stop riding Friday and the above rules are held on pause until Shabbat exits, also you need to continue to ride from where you stopped

Discover Israel Race 2025
Discover Israel Race 2025
עוד 252 ימים עד האירוע
27 במרץ 2025, 6:00

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P2P Discover Israel


Take the long tour through the ancient land of Israel, home to one of the earliest cultures of mankind, and the bedrock of the holy bible. This is where it all started.

Sneak peeks from parts of the race

The rules


Looking After More Info?


The whole adventure on your own! No help from anyone in any way – only you!

At Modiin (after 660km), you will have the option to stop and be declared as a halfway finisher

SELF SUPPORTED SOLO – HALF RACE north (Lehavim - Naharia)

Half the adventure, from the middle of the country to the north. on your own!

No help from anyone in any way – only you!


The whole adventure with a friend! No help from anyone else in any way – only you and your friend!

At Modiin (after 660km), you will have the option to stop and be declared as a halfway finisher.

SELF SUPPORTED couple – HALF RACE north (Lehavim - Naharia)

Half the adventure with a partner of your choice No help from anyone other than your partner.

Finisher Only

A participant who from the beginning regards themselves as a casual rider, who does not abide by the rules of the race will be considered as a finisher but without a recorded time


Your Racing Options

Transportation to Eilat and from Naharia

Transportation to Eilat

Well, you won't believe it, but the bus is your best option.
You will find buses leaving Tel Aviv or any other big city, and in a few hours, you will be there.
Don't forget to order a ticket upfront

transportation from Modiin

Planning to finish in Modiin? Great!
We are glad to tell you that there is a train from there to any other train station, but a bus is also a good option

Transportation from Naharia

Less than 2km from the finish line, you will find a train station that will take you to any other train station in Israel - this is the best option!

A flight to eilat?

Yes! You can also do that, but you are still fresh, so a few hours by bus is much cheaper

transportation from Lehavim

Planning to start from Lehavim? Great!
We are glad to tell you that there is a train to the starting point and we recommend to reach there in evening and starting in the morning

We tailored the route from Eilat to Rosh Ha'nikra not only because we thought that the route is better that way but also because we knew that sometimes its not that easy reaching to Eilat by Bus but when you'r still fresh, its an easy job but after passing the finish line in Rosh Ha'nikra and riding the Epilogue to Naharia (less than 10km) you just want to grab a train, relax on the comfortable chair and sleep from 2 hours, when your bike next to you 




Highest Point


Lowest Point